Baybay-Lunao-Housing-ProjectBy Buboy Pabia

GINGOOG CITY – Dreaming along with city’s homeless, Mayor Marie de Lara Guingona has been speedily turning such dream into reality by swinging fully another socialized housing project that will build 198 houses worth P24 million funded by the National Housing Authority (NHA) in Baybay area of Barangay Lunao.

“It is my fervent hope that one day the homeless can sleep well under its own roof. I believe that to possess a dwelling is not a privilege but a fundamental right to every Gingoognon. Thus, this administration has been performing its best in scouting funds to materialize the perennial headache of our landless and homeless constituents”, expresses the lady executive.

Mayor Marie really counts the generous support of NHA’s general manager Atty. Chito Cruz and the incessant backing-up of the agency’s regional hub manned by Engr. Judy Fernandez by releasing the initial amount of P1.8 million handed over to the city’s chief through Engr. Fe Ancheta serving as NHA-10 office in-charge and District 1 manager along with Engr. Maria Fe Cruz-Pantanosas rendering as supervising engineer.

“This partially released amount will serve as mobilization fund to fuel for this multi-million project which has two phases and homely models with a duplex-type building. Our agency shoulders in funding for the construction while this city shares for site development”, explains Engr. Pantanosas.

In an interview concerning its scheme, Engr. Ancheta adds that “under the Memorandum of Agreement, beneficiaries will pay their monthly obligation as financial recovery of this project wherein their repayments will be facilitated by the LGU as the collecting arm in which its recovery will then be used to fund another housing project. For the 1st and 4th class cities, NHA has stipulated for a 50% recovery of the downloaded amount.”

Being the overseer of this housing, City Planning Coordinator Ancio Felisan has lauded for such executive agendum on socialized housing which gives opportunity to informal settlers living along seaside and danger zone of the aforesaid village. “I thank Engr. Winston Idulsa, to my workaholic staff and to other coordinating offices for focusing on the preparational stage of this laudable project.

“Be it known that NHA has funded the breath-taking Villa Veronica in Brgy. San Juan for its site development worth P26 million. This time another P24 million-project for the house construction in Baybay Lunao. Our administration has to tie-up with other agencies for the house construction in Villa Veronica in which its site development had completed appreciatively by NHA. For our incoming settlers, may these edifices afford you with comfort as you build responsible families and cooperative society”, closes the mayor.