Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran (GPK)


Gingoog City, tagged as the City of Goodluck and Enchanting Waterfalls, indeed holds the key in preserving and developing its rich natural resources and ensuring the maintenance of environmentally sound areas, public facilities and practices in the city. The City Government through the headship and guidance of Mayor Ruth Guingona has been vigorously pursuing environment related programs and activities through the operationalization of the Agro-Forestry and Solid Waste Management Unit formerly the Environment and Natural Resources Unit ( ENRU) under the City Mayor’s Office to oversee the implementation of the Solid Waste Management Program and/or RA 9003 and Agro-Forestry Projects of the city government, the creation of the City Economic Enterprise Department (CEED) which is tasked to maintain cleanliness and sanitation in the market and terminal areas including public comfort rooms, the Clean, Green and Beautiful Gingoog Program under the City General Services Office which implements the maintenance of city streets, collection and disposal of garbage and other related works and the institutionalization of Gawad Pangulo Sa Kapaligiran (GPK).

In consonance with the rapid operation of the GPK programs and in collaboration with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), all offices and departments in the Local Government of Gingoog like the CEO,CHO and City Tourism Office to mention a few including the city’s 79 barangays, have combined forces in promoting good and workable environmental management practices thus bolstering their active involvement in various GPK related activities.

Their active and meaningful participation of GPK’s programs has become a cornerstone of the city government’s great efforts in maintaining and ensuring a clean, safe and healthy environment.

The Gawad Pangulo Sa Kapaligiran (GPK) was strengthened and placed in the centerfold of the city’s development agenda during the first term of Mayor Ruth Guingona in 2004 thus making GPK an important feature in the city’s development agenda. In 2006, City Mayor Ruth Guingona signed Executive Order No. 06 amending Executive Order No. 03 series of 2004 for the reorganization of the City Awards Committee of Gawad Pangulo Sa Kapaligiran (GPK). The functions of the GPK Committee are as follows:

  • Initiate and coordinate necessary activities for the successful implementation of the Gawad Pangulo Sa Kapaligiran;
  • Identify issues and problems relative to waste disposal and over all cleanliness of the city;
  • Formulate strategies to strictly implement existing laws and policies pertaining to waste management and environmental development;
  • Conduct regular meetings as determined by the committee in order to discuss necessary issues and proposals and environmental development.

Through the years, membership of the committee has changed but the core of the mission of the committee has not been altered nor modified. The functions remain in effect with new members coming in and fresh ideas sprouting for the good of GPK.

For year 2008 alone, the city government has allocated a grand total budget of P 14, 478,710.50 for the support, promotion and strengthening of Gawad Pangulo Sa Kapaligiran.

Through GPK and the implementation of RA 9003, the city has accomplished the following:

  • Proper Management of the city’s solid waste.
  • Regular maintenance of the cleanliness of the city street, public comfort room and facilities including tourism areas.
  • Preventive maintenance of water waste and drainage canals.
  • Abatement of all kinds of air, noise, land and water pollution.
  • Tree plantation and watershed development
  • Enforcement of laws relative to illegal fishing and degradation of sea corals.
  • Stoppage of illegal cutting of forest products.

On Solid Waste Management and the implementation of RA 9003, intensive trainings on waste reduction and proper segregation of waste at source in all 79 barangays were already completed and finished. The City Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) was fully operationalized which salvaged approximately 5 tons of recyclable and reusable  wastes in support of the GPK objectives. The city’s controlled dumpsite has intensified its optimum use and preparations for the implementation of the Sanitary Landfill is already in its initial plan.

Under the Clean, Green and Beautiful Gingoog Program (CGBG) supervised by the General Services Office, street sweepers and drainage personnel were able to maintain the cleanliness of 42,960 linear meters of the city streets and sidewalks and de-clogging and maintenance of 30,000 linear meters of drainage canals plus maintenance of tourism and economic facilities such as the Tatak Gingoog Center, Rizal Park, Pahayahay Sa Pantalan, ASL Gym and Tiklas Falls and Resort among others. Some of thses personnel even do the cleaning activities at night or dawn when the area is free from traffic and commotion brought about by the economic activities during daytime.

On Tree Plantation Development, tree planting activities have been institutionalized by the city government. Every celebration of the Civil Service Month and other non-government organization undertakings, tree planting activities were organized and assisted which led to the planting of assorted forests and mangrove tree species in mostly identified areas of the city.

Participants of the Tree Plantation Program:

Government Offices:

  • City Mayor’s Office
  • Sangguniang Panlungsod
  • City Budget Office
  • City Planning and Development Office
  • City Accounting Office
  • City Treasurer’s Office
  • City General Services Office
  • City Assessor’s Office
  • City Veterinarian’s Office
  • City Social Welfare and Development Office
  • City Agriculturist’s Office
  • City Engineer’s Office
  • City Economic Enterprise Department
  • KATEG Information Officers Club
  • Liga ng mga Barangay – Gingoog Chapter
  • Gingoog City Government Employee Association (GCGEA)

Non – Government Organization:

  • Rotary Club of Gingoog
  • JCI – Gingoog “ Cosechero”
  • KAPLAG Explorer’s Club
  • PAG – ASA Youth Organization

Species Planted:

  • Falcata
  • Mahogany
  • Narra

80,000 falcata seedlings have been planted in the city’s urban, rural and coastal Barangays.

12 Barangays recognized as Nurseries for tree plantation program.

Kianlagan, San Jose, Kamanikan, Talon, Pangasihan, Sangalan, Lawaan, Hindangon, Malinao, San Juan, Tinulongan, Dinawehan.

The work to create the proper, livable and suitable environment for Gingoognons is an ongoing endeavor that will not stop the present administration to achieve until we reach that certain level where people will live in complete harmony with our environment.

    1. Improvement & Concreting of Barangay Roads
    2. Construction of Bridges & Culverts
    3. Acquisition of Construction Equipment
    1. Coastal Resource Management Project
    2. Fishery Development Projects
    3. Fishery Regulatory Services
    4. Alternative Livelihood Projects
    1. Fencing of the 14-Hectare Dumpsite
    2. Establishment of Controlled Dumping System
    3. Acquisition of Garbage Collection & Disposal Equipment
    1. Agricultural Development & Food Security
    2. Construction of Irrigation & Waterworks Systems
    3. Technical & Financial Assistance
    4. Establishment of Marketing Assistance Center
    5. Tourism Development
    6. Environmental Protection
    7. Revenue Generation & Resource Mobilization Project
    1. Delivery of Basic Social Services to the Barangays:
    2. Health Services
    3. Maintenance of Infrastructures
    4. Technical Support to Agriculture
    5. Veterinary Services
    6. Property Appraisal/Assessment
    7. Civil Registration
    8. Tax Campaign & Collection
    9. Data Gathering
    10. Other services
    1. Opening/Construction of Farm-to-Market roads & Bridges
    2. Opening/Construction & Improvement of City Streets
    3. Construction/Rehabilitation of Social Infrastructures
    4. Rural Electrification
    5. Construction of River Control Dikes & Seawall
    6. Construction of Parks & Improvement of Existing Plazas
    7. Construction of Office Buildings